Day 1 Camp Report

After a long journey south UoNBC settled into bed only to hear the rumble of thunder ... Waking up early to wind and rain we kept spirits high joking it would be perfect preparation for rowing in Nottingham.  After a hearty breakfast we rigged our boats and practised the infamous dynamic stretching routine.

By lunchtime the promised Soustons sunshine was shining and we got stuck into two solid afternoon sessions on the lake.  The comedy moment of the day came when a large fish managed to jump into the women's eight... So whilst it wasn't easy to start with, we were all happy to brush off the cobwebs and happy to be back on the water preparing for another fantastic year of rowing.

Day 2 Camp Report

Today both squads got stuck into the camp programme rising early again to enjoy sessions involving technical work and in the final sessions two pieces with all the boats pushing off each other, particularly the men's four and eight by the end!  Then to finish the day, a club stretching session.  The highlight of today was definitely the rowing birthday cake pictured below for Georgie Mostyn who we all wish a very happy birthday! 

Day 3 Camp Report

Half way through training camp and the rowing is definitely taking its toll on our hands! We had a good tough session in beautiful conditions this morning followed by one of John's excellent core sessions... By the time we recovered we went back out for the third session on the lake and focussed on some technical pieces which were very useful despite the wind picking up by the end. All in all another productive day!

Day 4 Camp Report

Today we started out with another technical session which was productive despite it being quite choppy. Although we were planning on heading to the beach today since the weather was a bit damp we instead spent our rest session playing Mafia and charades! Our last session was 'battle paddling' where both squads were mixed into two eights and a four. Each 2 minutes the stern half and bow half would alternate taking turns rowing. Doing this the whole length of the lake and back was "extremely tiring" to quote one crew member and throughout the exercise the crews were very close to each other. It definitely made for an exciting end to the day. Today we also wished Hannah Moyden a very happy birthday and celebrated with another rowing cake!

Day 5 Camp Report

UoNBC had an excellent last day in Soustons. As well as our regular technical sessions, we held a scratch eights championship which was hotly contested, especially so by rowers-become-coxes Ellie Russell and James Fox. Ellie's boat narrowly lost out to James' in the first round before she pulled off an impressive comeback to win in the 'final'! After derigging and loading the boats and equipment we headed out into town to dine out in style, invading a local pizzeria. John and the captains dished out the infamous camp awards and we reflected on how successful the week has been and what a great season we now have to look forward to. It's goes without saying we owe a huge thanks to the coaches & captains for their hard work and all those who organised this week. We now go back to freshers week and look forward to recruiting our new novice squads - more information about our events next week coming soon!