The August bank holiday weekend saw the Trentside Choppers descend on Ross-On-Wye for the annual Pointless 8’s competition.

The pool stages were held on Sunday, and with four crews entered, the scratch crew would get a few chances to hone their catches and finishes. The first races of the morning against Staines and Neptune boat clubs saw comfortable victories for the boys still testing their starts and strides for the rest of the weekend.

The final race of the stage against City of Bristol RC’s ‘Las Vegas Institute of Sport’ saw the crew down by a foot crossing the line, putting them in second place in the pool standings, and progressing to Monday’s Grand Final where they would have a chance of redemption against LVIS.

With Sunday night’s race prep done in the local Indian and the crew hydrated at the local watering hole, finals day dawned on the crew in their tents. During the early hours the race plan was finalised, and the scraps of Ross RCs regatta breakfast were finished off. The final began with a tidy start and, though down because of the stagger, the Choppers drew level under the halfway bridge with a big move, putting them in a challenging position for the final straight. With the finish in sight and yesterday’s race still fresh in their minds bow pair lit the beacons, 3 and 4 squeezed their legs, 5 and 6 pushed the puddles, and stern pair put Jess on Bristol’s 6 man.

The calls were clinical, the catches sharp, and the speed was free. Carried across the line a canvas ahead of the opposition, the true power of the bucket was laid bare, and the sounds of our new found supporters rang through the air.

With appropriate attire donned the crew collected their booty, Ross regatta pots and a share of 97kg (the weight of the heaviest crew member) of cider. Thanking Ian Howell and Ross RC for their hospitality and UCLBC for the loan of their Hudson. 

Crew composition: 

Bow Jack McGarva

2 Harry McGarva

3 Richard Dowell

4 Will Lindsay    

5 Peter Boyes

6 James Budenberg

7 Rob Muscroft

8 Adam Giambrone

Cox Jess Eastwood

Credit to Ben Rodford Photography (Banner)