University Of Nottingham Boat Club, Nottingham, NG2 5FA


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The women kicked off the weekend after travelling down Friday, with 3 boats entered across our seniors, intermediates, and novice squad. Boating with a last minute substitution on the morning, the senior eight put together a respectable row, getting together on the paddle to the start and finding rhythm on the row down, coming away with 43rd. Up next the intermediates took on the Tideway, with a mixed crew of those that started their career at UoNBC, and others coming into the boat with experience, they fought well. Placing 137th they set a marker for next years intermediates to reach as the depth develops. The final crew for the day were the novice girls. In their first year of rowing, and a first time on the Thames for all of them, they approached the race with great energy. Their second real head race of the season after the performance at Newcastle recently, they put the front foot forward for the club and their coaches.


With Saturdays racing finished off and the results in, it was the turn of the men to take to the Tideway. Coming off difficulties at BUCS Head, and a dogged build up to the event the heavyweights showed their solidarity and pulled together to finish off in 62nd place. Not far behind on the start order, the lightweights had a challenge to follow. Changes in the crew in the lead up to the race put them on the back foot, and following a good Upper Thames crew for much of the race they put in a solid effort over the course. Coming away with 64th the fight continues within the squad for top position in the crews, and HORR provided a good race to build from as they tie off the head season. The final crew of the weekend was the intermediate eight. Many of these were also new to the university this year, the rest coming up to the senior squad in September. The new experience of the Thames and the styles still molding together saw a good effort from the boat, setting them up well for the first regatta season of the summer coming up.


As a club this has been a great entry, with 6 boats across the 2 days being the largest in recent years, reflecting the growth and retention that has been seen over the past few years, maintaining numbers and athlete development through the autumn and winter head season. Two top 75 finishes for the men is another improvement showing increasing depth in the squad to place two competitive boats at the same race, this is something to continue work off as the shift into regatta season starts and then onto next year in the new cohort.