University Of Nottingham Boat Club, Nottingham, NG2 5FA

Nottingham Autumn Head

Nottingham Autumn Head

This weekend saw the first event of the season and the first opportunity for the new group to don the green and gold, fittingly on home turf for their first run out and at a familiar event for the club. Running over 5.5km for single scullers in the first division, and 3.9km for crew boats in the third division, it’s always a great watch for spectators running down the Victoria Embankment and to Trent Bridge. Training in the lead up was difficult for crews, with recent weather making this the wettest start to a year for the club, with the most time off-water in these opening weeks. Touch and go for the organisers in the last week leading up, crews maximised this opportunity for training with a handful of sessions to get in before racing. Taking the event in their stride with minds on races later in the season, results across both divisions were positive and bode well for the coming year. There was a mix of returners and a lot of new talent joining the club this year, even with little time together in boats they have fitted in well and are making boats move quickly early on. 

Detailed results are included below, but some highlights for the day; All crews placed in the top half of the finishing list, strength and depth developing already; the headship was picked up again becoming a routine target for top crews to take the fastest time of the day regardless of boat type; 4 boats made in into the top 10; the Band 1 quad taking the headship showed great attitude on the day to take a relatively scratch crew, off the back of illness and row a strong race throughout; men’s four going for the overall win was competitive against the quads and will be trying to close this gap as the season moves on having come away in 3rd; and the women’s four also took the competition outside their category, beating men’s crews and women’s sculling crews in the process

Open Band 1 4x on their way to a category win and the headship

Detailed results:

Division 1:

  • W Band 2 1x Imogen North 44th overall and 2nd in her category, 5th of the women’s entries

Division 3:

  • Open Band 1 4x 1st overall and category win
  • Open 4- 3rd overall and category win
  • Open Band 2 4x 6th overall and category win
  • Open 4- 8th overall and 2nd in category
  • W Band 1 4- 16th overall and category win
  • W Band 1 4x 21st overall and 3rd in category
  • Open Band 2 4x 26th overall and 3rd in category
  • W Band 1 4x 33rd overall and 5th in category
  • W Band 1 4+ 43rd overall and category win