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Newark Head

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Newark Head

Following on from Four’s Head, the weather took it’s time to settle down, unfortunately leading to the cancellation of Wallingford Head as rivers around the country were still in flow and subsiding slowly. The club moved down to the NWSC to get some water time in this term, and entered more locally to Newark Head, to fit in some racing experience for crews before the Christmas camp and break.

It was a successful event to round off the year for the club, fitting into just one division, the 6 crews brought back 5 category wins and a second place (behind the A boat that won the category). Within this the group picked up the fastest times of the day for men’s and women’s eights and quads, including a 58 second gap over the rest of the field. The biggest competition came between Nottingham crews, fighting for bragging rights on overall finishes and trying to close the gaps from previous races. Of the 5 top finishes, 4 were UoNBC boats.

Notable racing for the day came from the two second eights, coxes Alex Collins for the men, and Saskia Steinberg for the women, were coxing their first race since joining the club and on a challenging course. The local circuit has some events such as Newark that provide great cornering practice that test even the top coxes, both demonstrated great form racing.

The men’s second 8 were unlucky not to take home a pot from Newark, finishing second behind the 1st 8, on raw time they were 4th overall and would have taken the win in the other 8s category. A great row from this crew on little water time, showing the developing depth for the men’s group.

Summary of results:

Band 1 8+ – Win and 2nd place, and fastest eight

4x- – Win and fastest quad

Women’s Band 1 8+ – Win and fastest women’s eight

Women’s 4x- – Win and fastest women’s quad

Women’s Band 2 8+ – Win