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BUCS 4s and 8s Head

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BUCS 4s and 8s Head

In keeping with the weather throughout this year’s head season, the last week running into this event had the coaches and club on the edge of their seats waiting for the organisers’ decisions with the changing forecasts each day for Newcastle. As such, with the tail end of Storm Dennis leading to cancellation of the beginner events at BUCS Head, this is a slightly shorter report than originally anticipated. Full results are at the bottom. With the racing on the worst day cancelled, seniors were pushed to race on Sunday, and a mixed forecast to fit two divisions around. As ever with BUCS Head, it was a test of crew ability and attitude in the elements, with fours and eights racing the time trials juggling the course (new to many of the group), the tide, the stream, and the wind.

The first division had the best of the weather, but even then, the wind started to pick up as crews marshalled to go. Continuing their tradition, the standout performances for the morning came from the lightweight men and women, in the four and quad respectively, both picking up silver medals against high quality competition in their championship categories.

As crews boated for the second division the waves picked up towards their peak, with white horses breaking on the most exposed patches of the Tyne. In response, the organisers shortened the racing course to allow greater room to marshal in at the starting end, setting about getting crews heading back towards the finish as soon as they could. It was a challenge both for the crews and the marshals on the start. Taking on the choppy waters the boats raced well under the conditions, with the most notable result coming again from the lightweight men, this time breaking their spell and picking up the gold medal for their quad.

Given their time on the water since joining us in September, today highlighted some incredible promise for the newcomers within the group, both technically handling the conditions well, but also their approach to the day and ever-changing plans even while on the water. They have certainly settled in well and the season ahead looks exciting once we get back onto the water more consistently. We look forward to the next events, the London heads, for our novices to get their first race under the UoNBC banner alongside the seniors. Before long, the regatta season will be upon us.

W Championship 8+                        5
W Intermediate 8+                          11
M Intermediate 4x                          12
M Championship 4-                         5
M Championship Lwt 4-                 2
M Championship 4+                        5
W Championship Lwt 4x                 2
M Championship 8+                        5
M Intermediate 8+                          18
W Intermediate 4x                          9
M Championship Lwt 4x                 1
W Championship 4-                         5
W Championship 4-                         6
W Championship 4+                        5