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Rowing at the University of Nottingham.

Since our founding in 1892 the Boat Club has been one of the University Of Nottingham's most popular societies providing comprehensive access to rowing, from Novice to Elite levels.

Latest Race Reports

Catch up on the latest race results from the Boat House

Reading Amateur Regatta

Another busy weekend for crews and coaches at UoNBC. A contingent headed to Reading Amateur Regatta for the day as preparation for Henley Women’s Regatta in the ladies squad, and[…]

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Metropolitan and Peterborough Regatta

Saturday saw the club split across the country, with the intermediate men heading to Peterborough for their summer regatta, and the senior men joined by the womens squad traveled down[…]

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Nottingham City Regatta

Coming off BUCS regatta and into the exam period, athletes from UoNBC returned to the NWSC to compete at Nottingham City Regatta, first of the summer circuit regattas. Testing conditions[…]

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Our Committee

The committee is responsible for the running of the Boat Club and is elected anually at the Club AGM

Peter Boyes

4th Year, Human Computer Interaction


“As the club grows and competes at an increasingly higher level, we move to solidify the base we provide athletes of all ability and strengthen our core values”

Grace Lodge

3rd Year, Industrial Economics

Vice President

“I hope to help the club to continue its development, and maintain a high level of organisation. I’m excited to work with the other committee members and make this year another successful year for the club.”

Harriet Cotterell

2nd Year, Medicine


“I hope to support the club to enhance its talent pathway and to expand the size of every squad.”

Victoria Barber-Clark

2nd Year, Criminology and Social Policy


“I aim to keep a high level of organisation in the club for both the committee members and for all our our squads, also ensuring that all new members are fully equipped and educated on how our club works in regards to British Rowing standards and general racing.”

Thomas Farrand

2nd Year, Mechanical Engineering

Men’s Captain

“By improving inter-squad communication and maintaining training standards I aim to help Nottingham to continue its climb up the university rowing ladder.”

Freya George

3rd Year, Classics

Women’s Captain

“As women’s captain I hope to encourage integration between all squads. I am also excited to continue the success form the past few years, whilst introducing new members into the club.”

Nick Coombes

4th Year, International Security and Terrorism

Fundraising and Sponsorship Officer

“I want to help the club match our results on the water with equally rapid progress off the water, through fundraising to continue building our club to support more of our athletes to challenge for national honours”

Hattie Swindells

2nd Year, Environmental Sciences

Recruitment Officer

“I will aim to scout out fresh talent and recruit the best athletes, to add depth and strength to our squads, allowing UoNBC to reach its full potential and acheive great success”

Will Moore

3rd Year, Management


“I’m looking forward to repairing and maintaining our range of boats, to keep our athletes out on the water.”

Nicole Pike

3rd Year, Politics and Economics

Social Secretary

“I look forward to organising lots of varied socials ranging from Crisis to pizza nights and helping to integrate the club to make it a friendly, fun environment for everyone.”

Nina Giambrone

2nd Year, Physiotherapy

Women’s Press Officer

“I am looking forward to promoting the success of the club, which will hopefully draw in high-performance athletes and increase the interest at a novice level.”

Ben Gray

3rd Year, Chemistry

Men’s Press Officer

“By using our social media platforms and website, I aim to give the club a professional feel and aid in our recruitment as well as showing what a great club we are to row at.”

2 days ago
The race report for Reading is out:

Keep an eye out over the next week for crews racing at Marlow and Henley women's regatta!

#greenandgold #uonbc #HenleyWomensRegatta #marlowregatta #dontmissit #yeahnotts
4 days ago
Final results for Reading:

1st W1x
1st W2x-
1st W4-

As well as MANY other great results throughout the day. A final massive congrats to all who raced and thanks to supporters

More results and analysis to follow in race report!
@UoNSport #greenandgold #uonbc #yeahNotts
5 days ago
Mid-day results update:

Imi in the W1x final @ 17:03
Nina and Lucy in the W2x- final @ 17:18
Matt and Luca in the M2- final @ 16:51
Senior W4- final @ 17:42

With more crews to row we look forward to their results. Another well done to all who've raced so far #greenandgold
5 days ago
Big UoNBC fleet at #ReadingAmateurRegatta today:

Senior W8+ @ 11:36
Senior M2x- @ 12:30
Senior M2- @ 12:39
Senior W1x @ 13:15
Senior W2×- @ 13:42
Senior W4+ @ 13:48
Senior W4- @ 14:27
Senior W2- @ 16:33

Great racing so far, good luck to everyone! #greenandgold @UoNSport #UoNBC
5 days ago
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